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Patient Education Section
Here patients can learn about advanced dentistry
Crown & bridge, dental implants and more!

Provided for Patient Education by Alphadent Dental Design

Patient Friendly Illustrations and Slideshows - on Crown & Bridge and Dental Implants
Crown & bridgework and dental implants, two restoration technologies that replace individual teeth or entire smiles are illustrated for patient education.

Smile Analysis & Design - Slideshow and Illustrations
Cosmetic dentistry can deliver outstanding esthetics while restoring smiles. Here, patients learn how dental esthetics and design are essential in creating beautiful new smiles.

Cosmetic Dental Imaging
Digital Image manipulation - patients see a photograph of what their new smile could look like.

It is our hope that we have been able to communicate complex dental technology in a clear and enteraining way.
Patients interested in learning more about advanced dental technology are invited to consult with their dentist.
Smile Analysis & Smile Design Dental Implants Crown & Bridge

Ceramic Crown and Bridge
Modern dental ceramics involve the most advanced techniques and materials. Lifelike, high-tech ceramics are used to restore smiles beautifully.
Dental Implants
Implants replace teeth by supporting crowns, crown and bridge and dentures. Advanced materials such as titanium and zirconium return function and esthetics with remarkable results.
Smile Analysis & Smile Design
Establishised guidelines of dental esthetics are illustrated. Through an interactive slideshow patients learn details of 12 Smile Styles. Ceramists use smile style when creating cosmetic restorations.
Cosmetic Dental Imaging
Imaging involves guided image manipulation applied to dentistry. A slideshow illustrates how patients can have an image of their own smile enhanced with a treatment plan and smile style of their choice,

The Patient Section is a growing area of our website - There is so much new technology and patients want to be informed.
We invite you to return to this section often.