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AlphaDent Dental Design
Crown & Bridge Department - Product List

Days in Lab
 Alloys - Certified/Approved  
Empress Veneer
e.max Crown
e.max ZirPress
Zirconia Crown
Procera Zirconia Crown



High Gold - 86%
Mid Gold -  72% or 50%
Semi-prec. - 40%
Non-prec. - beryllium free
Crown & Bridge
Porcelain Fused to Metal
Full Metal Crown
3/4 Crown, Inlay, Onlay
Metal Occlusal
Post & Core
Maryland Bridge


AlphaDent - IPS e.max Materials
Including Pressable & Millable Lithium Disilicate

IPS e.max Press
Lithium Disilicate
IPS e.max ZirPress
Esthetic Glass-Ceramic
IPS e.max ZirCAD
IPS e.max CAD
Lithium Disilicate
Lithium disilicate - pressable with 400 MPa flexural strength, indicated for 3-unit anterior bridges, veneers, inlays/onlays, anterior and posterior crowns and implant superstructures for single teeth Glass ceramic - esthetic and pressable to zirconia. Zirconium oxide block for CAD/CAM technique. 900 MPa indicated for up to 3-4 unit bridge frameworks. Lithium disilicate glass-ceramic block for milling. Indicated for single unit anterior and premolar substructures - single tooth implant superstructures.

AlphaDent Dental Design
Esthetic and High-Strength Crown & Bridge Materials

Feldspathic - Leucite - Lithium Disilicate - CAD/CAM Materials

Feldspathic Porcelains

Layered porcelain buildup 
for outstanding esthetics.

The esthetic standard for over a century.

Leucite Reinforced

60% stronger = 160 MPa
When extra strength is required.
Leucite crystals block crack propagation

Lithium Disilicate

70% LD crystals - pressed or milled, 360-400 MPa. When strength is the priority.
A strong, dense crystaline structure

CAD/CAM Materials

Milling blanks
A large selection of materials, shade and translucence.
An innovative option.

Documentation on many of AlphaDent Dental Design's high-strength crown & bridge materials can be found here.

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