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Cosmetic Dental Imaging
Cosmetic Image (Smile) Enhancement
Provided for Patient Education by Alphadent Dental Design

Cosmetic Dental Imaging
maging helps patients to visualize a treatment plan, by showing them an enhanced photo of their own smile. The digitally enhanced photo can help patients decide on a cosmetic treatment plan that is right for them.

Dental Imaging - Image Enhancement of a Patient Photo
Cosmetic Dental Imaging is digital manipulation of a patient's smile photo. 
Imaging shows patients what their own smile could look like after a specific dental treatment plan is completed.
The before image, a photo of the patient's actual smile, is digitally enhanced to display a treatment plan before treatment has actually begun.

Dental Imaging is Dentist/Patient Guided 
A new smile shape is chosen from the
Smile Style Guide. A qualified dental artist then begins the imaging, using the smile style as a guide. Imaging is directed by the dentist through a series of "approval images".

Dental Imaging Guides the Dental Laboratory
The dental technologist/ceramist uses imaging as a guide during the fabrication process.

The 3 cases below illustrate actual imaging cases. View more imaging cases with the interactive display at the bottom of the page.

  Dental Imaging for illustrating a treatment plan that includes porcelain veneers and tooth whitening   What could ceramic crowns and veneers do for the above smile? Imaging can display a treatment plan.   Imaging shows what crown & bridge could do for a smile.  
The interactive display below, will display the details of 12 smile types and works with a click of a button.

Simply click on a button in the control panel to see images of more Cosmetic Dental Imaging.